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Secure Worldwide 5G/4G LTE Network Connectivity

Where we're going -
The Black Ocean Practice

A healthy adversarial spirit can be effective, but in balance with leveraging mutual values and opportunities for integration on a world stage that is big enough for everyone.

Wallettt engages practices and projects with partners who get it. Developments and alliances must be in alignment with the future benefits that human beings require to thrive in the digital world, prosperous and free. Across the globe, sustainably.

Peter Thiel, co-founder of eBay, PayPal, Palantir, Founders Fund, initial investor in Facebook, Partner in Y Combinator, and other world-brand ventures and de facto standard components of world infrastructure, says "Competition is Evil", referring to securing a Blue Ocean market (lacking competition) in a niche or monopoly, to avoid wasted energy and ensure lack of opposition forces, allowing for world domination.

However, being adjacent to The Black Sea, we adopt a Black Ocean practice, where overlapping contenders or peers in a business sector or market are treated as associates and potential alliances, not as a threat to be fought against. At Wallettt, we see abundance rather than scarcity, so we invite partners to identify methods of cooperation and sharing the load, enhancing and motivating the best of success, vision, synergy, and leveraging the best goals by combining efforts to share the proceeds. Not battle for the spoils.
We are proposing a partnership and community of prosperity, value, and values.

Execution Strategy

Nothing says growth and value in a world of limitless potential like people who build strong collaborations of purpose and adhere to strong ethical and creative values. 10X development teams are desperately needed across every industry and culture, and may never again keep up with the demand curve. Where we are going, though, depends largely on integrating and executing the best combination of people and technological decision-making, which must always be prioritized over what is merely possible, or the newest fads in technology.

Direction and motivation is more critical than speed and sheer power.

Our neighborhood is the world, not because of the reach of the Internet, but because of where we put our feet on the ground and engage local wisdom, traditions, and efficiencies. Our culture is truly global. 

Future You So Richly Deserve

We offer world-class distributed Web presence, data streaming and redundancy for privacy and multi-continental backup integrity, security, APIs, and integrations done more simply so time to market is vastly accelerated and iteration can rely on immediate feedback loops driven by customer activity. Where other software teams get caught in obsession over building more and more complex juggernauts with unmanageable overhead, we sneak in under the radar and implement lean data and integrations with astonishing results in days, weeks, or months, rather than years.

We pass on the vision, the values (technical, corporate, and personal), and the capabilities to implement the right and straightforward solutions, not excuses to fund the typical giant development teams that have difficulty communicating and serving deliverables to stakeholders and end-users in the form of properly working and maintainable software platforms. Complexity creep has no place in our platforms or business relationships.

We are a privately held firm run by engineers, project managers, creatives, and entrepreneurial spirits, yet we are very small (today). We answer only to the best practices we assess and test, and to our customers’ needs. We are hyper customer-focused and logic-driven in our approach to solving technical and user experience challenges.

Yet, we leverage and have the honed skills and awareness of technology integration, to harness the power of the world's largest and most robust infrastructures to deliver millisecond response and failsafe distributed redundancy of data, communication channels, Content Distribution Networks, and APIs by optimizing edge and cloud presence at 300+ locations around the globe.

Plus, our capabilities are only growing by the day, by working with partners like Cloudflare, not Amazon AWS or Google Gloud Platform; as we grow, we don’t get slower and heavier under the weight of complexity and ballooning costs (the Silicon Valley Obsession). Rather we get leaner and agile to realize efficiencies from which all the components and connections in our network benefit.

High-Octane Consulting

We love talking about solutions, creative problem-solving, and helping you avoid the plethora of pitfalls and ills of the modern technology world. If you depend on solid ROI, you can’t afford not to speak with us about how to navigate the shark and crocodile infested waters of technology and the often misguided and disorganized sales community of consultants and solution engineers.

Even if you don’t contract our software design, architecture, or deployment solutions, you will benefit from our unbiased (but opinionated, and we earned it!) wisdom from decades in the business, since before the Internet existed.

Unprecedented visibility

Our modern working and living environment persuades us to allow others access to see and manipulate every aspect of our behaviors and motivations. However, each of us is responsible to protect our personal and business interests in the name of security and personal freedoms. This transparency is a vital call-to-action, a two-edged sword of opportunity. Control over who informs and decides our speech and our actions (in personal, family, and organizational roles) is central to executing decisions and taking action in complex daily life.


Do you ever wonder about the multitude of individuals, organizations, hackers, software teams, and third party technology providers that have free and ongoing access to observe and manipulate your every recorded action, your bank accounts, and the intimate details of the lives of your children?

Who are they really? What do they want? Why is not really about the ADs they show us, but the data they broker about us?

We have solutions for that.


Protection of information and transactional behaviors, along with protecting our hard-earned assets and family possessions is a new frontier in the decentralized world of tokenization, cryptocurrencies, and fractional digital ownership.

Privacy IS Integrity

Our personal and professional integrity depends upon our ability to be both discrete and candid at different times. Personal and corporate information must be protected to the highest degree.

There is a vital difference between a ‘free’ service designed to encapsulate your life, and evoke power in the hands of the few, versus a grassroots movement which is underway, to embolden the individual’s place in the world and encourage free peoples to congregate, transact, and generate unique insights for their mutual benefit and collective freedoms.

Let’s be part of the movement to resist the convenient allure of rolling with the masses. 

In this complex world, we extend Georgia's reach and local talent, respecting and integrating Eastern and Western values.


do what's right


raise the bar


be true to values

Nothing else in your arsenal is like your Wallettt.

Software development is not skilled labor, it is a way of life

Whether it’s power, humble autonomy, or the ability to live out your days on the beach, the software and systems in your service throughout the international digital environment enable you to predict, produce, and preserve your identity and the value you accumulate throughout your travels in life. We want to be your partner in securing and empowering a new world of integrity and convenience, all while ethically and sustainably building a better world of people aligned to this purpose, drawn from every culture and corner of the earth. If it takes a village to properly raise a child, then it takes a whole earth to grow and sustain the ideal society, capable of self-governance and self-reliance, using out-of-this-world technologies. Together we can live well on earth and go together to the stars. It all comes from good planning, software solutions, and people who care.